Of knowing Love


I want to find a love that brings out a fire in me that I never I had. A love that starts with something as innocent as a conversation, but sparks into something as powerful as a connection. I want to find a love isn’t one thing-I want it to be all kinds of things, from something as fateful as a beautiful string of coincidences, to a conscious effort to believe in its beauty. I don’t want a rebellion, I don’t want a revolution. I want a love that moves and compels in a silent but momentous way. The kind that makes you feel what you’ve been longing to feel all this time.

I know that love like this is sometimes too silent. But I know, that even when all the motivation dies out, this love will leave little reminders all around me, that I am in its presence.

Love like that is not easily found. Some people have the notion that incredible love like that is  impossible, and that it’s totally out of our hands.

But something about this night, made me think that it is not.

To know love is to give love to the person who needs it the most — you.

Even loving other people is knowing that you are capable of sharing greater things, and that is the direct effect of truly loving yourself.

Only you can find a love that brings out the best in you.



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