Why you matter

I have some self esteem issues. There was a point in my life that I hated looking into mirrors, I would cringe every time I caught my reflection staring back at me. From then on, I started having issues about how I saw myself. I’ve grown accustomed to a certain distrust towards myself. I’ve kept it in the back of my head, thinking that this was exactly what I  needed to stop myself from keeping my head in the clouds, but it was just recently that I asked myself:

What if I was meant to fly?

Slowly, I started picking apart what I believed about myself. I started realizing that this innate distrust wasn’t only holding me down. It disguised itself as a friend, as my comfort zone. The moment I would start telling myself that I am just as beautiful as any other girl out there, I would feel queasy, and I would tell myself I was being silly. To every person who feels this way about anything, I tell you, you are not. You are not silly for thinking that you are beautiful, that you are capable, that you are meaningful.

You don’t believe me? When you start seeing people not not for their color,  but through the words they say, and not through their size, but how they move and what they do, you will realize that the people around you, they have a unique kind of goodness in them. The kind that brings out the goodness in you. You are part of this dialogue.

No matter who you are, you matter. Believe in the goodness in you.


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