Modesty in Three Parts

IMG_20150612_234454 I.

 We are tiny creatures in a humongous universe. If you look at the universe as a whole ( if that’s possible ), you would realize that the lives we live are so small. No matter how rich, now smart or how great you are. We are all less than a part of a dot to the universe. So, why then, do these things matter? Why then , should we seize the moment that’s in front of us? Why then do we still love, why do we still strive? why do we still live?

The answer is simple. When we want something so bad, we forget that we are insignificant to the universe. When we want something, we immediately forget that there is something as big a a universe outside of your desires.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I know the amount of hard work it takes to want something and actually bring yourself to go for it. I’m just saying, that when things don’t work out the way you want to, just remember, it’s not the end of the world. Remember that you are part of a whole universe that has yet to be discovered.


It’s crazy to think that we actually do exist in the form that we are. Just imagine, there are an infinite amount of situations that could have prevented you from being here…and yet, against all odds, a beautiful thing like you is here, right now. Imagine, the light of stars from a billion years ago, shines in the night sky, just for you. We forget that we are lucky. We forget how impossible it is that your skin, your eyes, your hair, all came from stardust. We forget that there is only so much the human mind can understand. That we can never understand why we were here in the first place. And the only reason for this, is we are lucky enough to be here.


Modesty is knowing that you are not the only person in this universe.

Modesty is knowing that all of us are lucky to be here,

In a billion different circumstances, and situations,

We all deserve to be here.


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