Dear Future Self : 3


Dear Future Self,

Before you do anything stupid, don’t do it.

In case you did do that stupid something that I clearly told you not to do, follow these steps to recovery:

1.) Accept that it happened the way it did.- I know you. You have already played out a hundred different scenarios on how that thing should’ve happened. You would carefully analyze every second of it, until you come up with that conclusion that  you should have  * insert the opposite of what you actually did* -ed. But the bottom line is, it’s done. Learn from it and accept that it happened the way it did.

2.) Remember that you can only control your own actions. – Another tendency you have is to blame other people around you. That is a very effective way to waste time. Trust me. So what if she did this, or he did that? The only actions you can have control over are yours. And so, learn from it and move on.

3.) Charge it to experience. – Come on. It’s the only way to continue on with your life.

4.) Let yourself heal. – You owe yourself this much. As much as possible, give yourself time to forgive yourself. You are not the stupid thing you did.

And last but not the least,

5.) When you’re ready, think about it and analyze how you could’ve done better. – That’s part of the self-discovery process. How will you even know yourself if you don’t think about these things, right?

I sincerely hope that you don’t have to read through this again. But if you do, always remember that you’re not as bad as you think you are.








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