Musings on Creativity


I was flying back to Manila, and among the In-flight entertainment videos were TED talks. I watched the one with Elizabeth Gilbert was talking about Creativity and how we all had our own “geniuses” ( Genius being a separate entity from our normal selves ). 

You can watch the talk here:

After I watched the video, I started contemplating. ( How could I not? After all, It was a 19-hour long flight. ) So here is my new and improved talk on Creativity:

I’ve always thought of Creativity as an inward thing. I’ve always thought that it only existed in my head. It was how I saw things, how I interacted with things, how I did them. There was somehow, a sense of seclusion. It was just me. I was my own Creativity.

Up to this point, I never thought about it differently. But what if, that was just one part of Creativity? What if the the universe was made to contain bits and pieces of ourselves scattered in all kinds of dimensions? Time, space, everywhere. What if Creativity was about putting yourself out there to find your your pieces? Moments, people, places, things that make you think, I mean really think.

Whenever we take trips, or whenever I take my camera with me, I would always pressure myself to take good pictures. I just had to take a good picture. And when I didn’t I would beat myself up for it and I would even think about just giving it up. I could imagine that a lot of artists go through this. But you know what, maybe this just wasn’t your piece. Maybe in time it will be, but not yet.

So keep exploring and keep trying. What I’m saying may or may not work, but that’s just what I think.


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