Secret Place

When I take pictures, I’m usually quiet. I usually talk in my head about how I want the shot to be. That silence is what enables me to really notice the place. So much so, that I forget where I really am. That is the case with this set. As I was taking pictures during the Trails workshop ( organized by the amazing, talented and did I mention amazing? ) Shutterpanda team, I noticed a blue handkerchief tied to a bush, as if marking a certain territory. I quickly snapped a photo, thinking it was just coincidentally placed there. As I moved beyond the tall, brown, semi-burnt bushes of the Lahar area we were at, I suddenly realized, someone was living there. I was about to turn back, but then I saw a man. This place was where he lived. I asked ” Pwede ko po picture-an?” and without hesitation, he just nodded. So I went on taking pictures of a secret garden of treasures and other belongings. I don’t know what it was, but I felt peaceful. Maybe it was how it was perfectly lit, or how quiet it was… That’s exactly what it felt…quiet.






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