There was this one Humans of New York human who said that ” When a wave comes, go deep”.  I never really put too much thought to it, until today. I’m not a devout Catholic, but I go to mass and today, the gospel was so fitting about the pursuit of the meaning of life. ( Don’t worry, I won’t go all preachy on you here ).

I used to have a simple understanding of what life was. I measured life in pinnacles, in achievements, in the ( very figurative ) mountains that I’ve climbed. I saw it as a race, crossing one finish line after the other. Once in a while, thoughts would come to me. Why am I running? Where am I going? Even if I didn’t know the answer, I would keep running, because that’s how it is. That’s what we’re trained to do. But you know, once in a while, we have to stop and regain momentum, and that is precisely what happened today. I regained momentum because of a simple realization.

Life shouldn’t be measured in finished lines and trophies. Life shouldn’t even be measured at all. Life is about experiencing every moment, in the most genuine way as possible. Yes, I do admit affirmation helps, but living life waiting for something that you have no control over can be very taxing. The meaning of life can only be determined by how deep you go when a wave comes. Meaning can be found when you realize that life gives you a lot of waves, and you can either just let it pass or experience every wave as deeply as as possible. Experiencing it with openness and strength to relish every moment and feel the motion of the waves and where it takes you. So when life throws you good waves, go and smile warmly, go and love deeply. When life throws you waves of challenge and sadness, go and cry. Scream. Feel it all. You have to, to move on the next wave. Life is not meant to be lived in unnecessary caution. Life in all it’s spontaneity and randomness is meant to be lived with a curious eye and an open heart. Because meaning can never possibly be put into words. It has to be felt, it has to be seen.


So, go deep. Feel it all, explore it all. Every single moment is a gift, and it’s yours for the taking.


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