The Obituary Test

So that I don’t forget.

Gabrielle de Guzman lived a long, happy and inspiring life. She took in all of life’s little details, and treasured (sometimes tackled) all the big parts. She took time to listen to stories, sparking dialogues from people from different places, and different backgrounds. No matter what, or who, she lived her life bringing out the good in other people, whether it may be through speaking, art, photography or music. She never gave up on people who think they are “lost causes”.  She was creative, in her own right. She didn’t find it hard to cook up something, even more so when it’s directed towards an actual goal that moved people. She never lost the spark in her eyes when someone conversed with her, she always found a way to make something interesting. She brought different perspectives, but did not impose them. She made us aware that we are all living our own lives, sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad, sometimes crazy. And that our actions are all a product of that. We are all just trying to figure out what makes sense. But she knew, that it wasn’t about making sense. She believed that we all live to connect, and that’s how we make sense of it all. By taking life, knowing people and seeing things in bits and pieces. She made me realize that everything we see, impart, and share comes from  backgrounds so diverse, it makes sharing and connecting even more beautiful. She was a woman that empowered, not through loud words and force. She empowered through her grace and her kindness. She started a revolution on understanding, a revolution on empathy, not pity.  She created ways to change perspectives, to keep the dialogue going.  

To know Gabbie personally, is  a great adventure. She had her ups and her downs. And we all know that when she’s up, she’s far up and when she’s down, she’s down low. But that didn’t stop her from trying to understand why you’re saying the things you are saying. Talking to her is like being on top of a summit after a long hike. She never made me forget the feeling of being alive. Even if it hurt, even if it’s a long way to go, she always made me feel that life was not to be chased. It was to be lived in every moment, and every day. She was always in love, she never stopped seeing what was good , not in a boastful way, but in a way for gratitude, and through this disposition of hers, she changed people. She talked, communicated, shared  compelling and impact full and powerful things, that made people think twice about the way they think. Because of her, I realized that the imagery and constructs society feeds us do not apply to us automatically, that we are our own beings. We all have our own paths. We are all human beings, we all have stories to tell.  

Her death was definitely a loss, but that’s not the point. The point is that her life and yours, is just as unique, as colorful and breathtakingly beautiful as how  she saw other lives too.



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