They told me to stay quiet.

They told me to keep thoughts, ideas and crazy musings to myself.
They told me not to scream, not to break-

even when my own voice was getting too loud for me. Even when I couldn’t hear myself think.

They told me to walk tall, to stay slender. They told me to keep my arms at my side,

Even when I knew that my arms were meant for reaching. And my stride, was meant for long, hard and tumultuous journeys.

They told me to let my eyes do the talking.

But then never let me cry. Rivers, Oceans and Hurricanes inside me grew bigger, stronger and deeper.

They told me like they owned me.

And I ignored it because they don’t.

Because Grace lies not in sight, not in the way others see you.

Rather, grace lies in your on vision, in knowing, accepting and furthering yourself. Grace is the art of being yourself.


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