Behind Portraits 

Last year, as I was exploring what I knew about photography, I got to ampoint where I wanted to catch every fleeting moment that caught my eyes, whether it be through landscape, night photography, street photography, etc. But, the subjct that intersted me the most is human connection. I am intrigued with the fact that everything with us is an interaction, and every interaction is a connection. And that is orecisely what I wanted to capture in portraits: Human connection and emotion, whether it was my connection to the subject, or the subject’s connection to another thing, or the deoiction of what a human connection is, I wanted to encapsulate it. So, this is a compilation of my favorite portraits and the stories behind them.

Little girl, Mt. Pinatubo,2015. 

There was a group of kids running across a stream of water in the middle of the lahar dessert that we were in. This little girl took a minute and sat down , observed the sand just sat there playing with the sand. I asked her if I could take a picture of her, and she smiled at me like this. Look at those beautiful sparkly eyes!

Couple, Juneau, 2015 

(I don’t know if this is considered a portrait, but I included it anyway)

When we arrived in Juneau, Alaska, it was rainy and cold. We signed up for a whale watching tour, and we stopped in the middle of the ocean somewhere to look at the whales. I climed up thto stairs even if it was raining and covered my camera with a part of my jacket. I wanted to take photos of whales, but I found this view instead.

Felice, Alaska Cruise, 2015 

I was very new to the 50mm lens when I was taking this photo. I had used it before, but only for specific pictures. I took this photo as we were climbing up th stairs. When we were on that cruise Felice (my cousin) and I were actually undergoing a lot of changes in our lives, and in this trip we bond d over late night runs to the piazza for dessert, and pizzas oevr the deck.

Curtain Man, Okinawa 2016 

When I first tried to take a portrait of this man, he was actually sleepin in his corner. My mom and sister then noticed that the curtains he were selling had nice prints. When he r alized he had customers, he immediately woke up and apologized in japanese. As we were buying curtains, he kept offering us candies. From the moment he woke up, to the moment he received our payment, this smile never left his face.

Lady at the Market, Okinawa, 2016

My mom was buying dragon figurines for our house, so I just wandered off a bit in this market that we were in. I saw this lady. I’m not sure if she was blind,but something about her made me want to take he photo. She looked so regal walking down the street with her chin up.

Mushroom Farmer, Bacolod,2016

As I took this photo, she was talking to her boss through the screen. She was one of the farmers who took care of the mushrooms. The room behind her os the room where all the mushrooms are bred, and only little sunlight can come through.

Kuya Guard, Quezon City, 2016

As I was working on my desk, I noticed that it started to rain. I put on my raincoat, got my umbrella and started walking around the rain. It was hard for me to capture this, because he only smiled for a while, and went on his way after.

Tito and Tita, 2015 

It was our first day in the cruise, and we were all asked to wear formal that night. We braved the cold winds and took pictures in the balcony. I didn’t even have to direct thrm, they just did theis on their own! :))

Mang Rudy, Lipa, Batangas, 2016 

At the time this picture was taken, I was very new to the farm. I had only been there twice. Mang Rudy is our neighbor, and always greets us when he sees us enerring the farm. Their hospitality is unlike any other. This was one of our firs encounters, and when I asked if I could take a picture, he immediately smiled.

Aling Rosing, Lipa Batangas, 2016 

There was a time when I would spend at leat once a week in the farm with my parents. Everytime we were in the farm, Aling Rosing (Mang Rudy’s wife) would greet us and even apologize if she didn’t have any snacks and drinks prepared. That day, she serves great barako coffee, which she roasts and brews herself. As I was taking her photos she told me, “Hindi ako photogenic!”

Mang Mario, Lipa, Batangas, 2016 

All other photos of Mang Mario that I had were serious. This was a very brief moment. He smiled while he was talking about the squash plants.

Kayla, Taft Ave., 2014 

I hadn’t been back in school for a while. I used to live in a condo really near my school, amd since all my classes were over, I had no reason to come back. When I was heart broken over a guy, I used to climb up on this rooftop and cry. This was the first time I came back ever since. I just asked them if they wanted to have a photo shoot, and we ended up taking photos like these.

Baguio Hat, Clark, 2016 

We were in Clark for the Hot Air Balloon festival. I took this photo from a distance. She wasn’t looking at first but just as I was about to click the shutter, she looked at me.

Gijo, Sunset, 2016 

Me and my siblings were in the farm and we were about to leave, when I noticed that the sunset emmited a soft light across my brother’s face.

Parents, Alaska, 2015 

We were nearing the last leg of our trip when I this was taken. Everywhere and anywhere we go, my parents will always have a picture together. 💕

Flower Vendor, Pike Place, Seattle, 2015 

As we were walking down the streets of this market place, we were greeted be beautiful blooming flowers. The vendors were apparently filipino, and some of the flowers were actually from Baguio.

Contemplation, Los Angeles, 2016 

As I was crossing a bridge in the middle of a chinese garden, this lade was all by herself observing the water.

Fruit Picker, Lipa Batangas, 2016 

This is actually Mang Mario’s son. I watched and observed him carefully as he climbed the trees and picked ourpt the ripe dalandans from the trees.


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