Journal Entry #2: 10/12/2016

Ok, I don’t have a picture from today, so I got one of my old photos.

I spent the day with Michelle again, observing her in her classes and observing her interactions with the kids. This time, my mom was a guest speaker in two of her classes. (She talked about taking good care of plant, and the importance of farmers in our society). It’s always eye opening to see Michelle live in an environment that is so different from my reality. Ever since we were young, we had the same experiences, the same classes. And when we went of to college, we started developing different identities, and even though physically we weren’t together all the time, I have always felt that with us (or with our family in general) we never went through things alone.

And now, seeing her really go out of her comfort zone and really fight every obstacle to get to do what she thinks is the best she could do for this country, I can’t help but observe her in awe.

To Michelle, if you’re reading this, I know sometimes you wonder if what you’re doing is actually helping out our country. Let me tell you: there is no way of proving or quantifying the change that you are trying to put out in this world, but always know, that you have changed me and you are continuing to inspire me everyday you do your job. And I know for a fact that your heart will never stop growing, and that is what will keep you going. That is your passion. I am so very proud of you.


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