Chasing Stars

Darkness is not my friend. I really hate the dark. I can’t even sleep without a night light. When my sisters  turned off the lights in our room, I would wake up and hyperventilate. That’s why the thought of standing under darkness and waiting 30 seconds to 20 minutes was unbearable for me. I used to be scared just thinking about it.


That was until I actually tried shooting stars. The first time I tried shooting stars by myself, I was in the middle of our garden, and although my heart was pounding against my chest, I couldn’t stop staring at the wonderful stars that surrounded me. As I observed the little lights above the sky, I started thinking to myself, “I could get used to this.” (But of course, my scared brain was simultaneously  thinking where I would run to just in case a zombie was going to appear out of thin air, or if I could scream loud enough for the neighbors to hear me just in case)


Seeing and capturing these stars made me think about how life exists beyond my own eyes. That no matter how far my eyes can see, there will always be something beyond what is in front of me, and beyond what I know.


Stars, for me, became a constant reminder to be still when I’m restless, that there is something beyond my fears, and my unfulfilled hopes, and beyond the big question mark that is my future.



Here’s to seeing stars and knowing that there’s always something greater than what is. 



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