Journal Entry #4: 10/31/2016

We spent this Undas (All Souls/Saints Day) Holiday in Batangas. I was looking forward to going back to Lipa, because it’s been a while since I’ve been in the farm.


As we entered the farm, I saw this fence with flowers.


The three kids were energetic as ever! They rode on the wheel barrow and pretended driving it like a car.


Our next door neighbors Mang Rudy and Aling Rosing brewed us  fresh cups of Barako coffee.



While he was eating the Dalandans, I told him to “model” the dalandan, and he gave me his widest smile!



It was my first time seeing monggo seeds inside their pods. This is Mang Mario picking these pods for harvest.


Tired from all the running :))


These stairs led to the creek (in which I contemplated crossing, but I then decided not to because how the heck will I come back up haha!)


This is Ate April. She manages the house when we’re not around, and helps a lot in the farm. She’s 3 months pregnant. 14606393_10209931780522725_5534617184069563491_n

Dalandans being measured by the kilo.


I stepped on mud just as I was taking this photo. :))

14591718_10209931820843733_4309487395878253174_nMom and her Lettuce 🙂


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