Journal Entry #5: 11/3/2016 Plane Spotting Part Dos


My youngest brother has developed a fascination towards airplanes and general aviation vehicles. He dragged me along with him to capture some of the planes that flew near the Multinational Village near the airport.


I actually don’t know anything about Aviation Photography, but apparently he joined a forum and noted that the photos have to be really clear, and all of the parts should be seen. (Wings shouldn’t be cropped). Photos should never be grainy, and composition should be on point. He’s been coming back here to perfect this craft. (This is his third time now!)


When he saw the planes lined up for take off, he immediately asked if I had earphones because he knew that the engines of the next airplanes were particularly loud.


Our first plane take off!


Take off # 3! 🙂



Rowell adjusting his earphones (he was actually trying to tape them to his ears :)) )


Me to Rowell: “How badly do you want to be where the grass cutter is right now?”


Going home (but of course, we passed by Jollibee first :)) )




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