Journal Entry #7: 11/18/2016 (How can I even give this post a title?)


Masaklap. The Marcos Family  (I’m not even going to single out the shameless dictator anymore, because obviously, his descendants and family members honor and revere his corrupt dictatorship until today) has done some of the most atrocious things citizens of this country could do. They stole wealth, they tortured, killed, and silenced their fellow countrymen and the worst thing about it is: they got away with it.

  • Although many cases have been filed against the Marcoses, the Supreme Court has not taken any substantial steps to actually reprehend numerous crimes crimes against our country.

Today, after almost 30 years, our government has allowed to lay the dictator to rest in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Like true criminals, they did this without any formal announcement to the public. I can not put into words the grief and the frustration I feel towards this deception. Once again, our own government has failed us. Once again, we have disregarded the sins of the past.

Together with the dictator’s body, they will try to bury  the compassion, love and patriotism we have poured into this country when our ancestors rallied their hearts out in the EDSA Revolution, for every vote cast for democracy and against unfair leadership, but we will not let them. This is a defining moment for us as citizens. We can either leave it be, let it rest, or in the Marcoes’ words, Move on (UGH). Or, we can continue fighting for this country. The battle does not end here. Let this be a lesson: until we find that corruption, injustice and disgraceful deception thrives and remains in the blood line of our government body, the battle does not end.





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