Travel Diaries: Taipei 2016

So here I am, at the airport about to leave Taipei for the 2nd time this year. This time, I traveled with 3 of my sisters. We had 3 days and the whole of Taipei to conquer and explore.

We had arrived in Taipei in the wee hours of the morning ( around 2am ), so we had little sleep and we were all very tired from the travel from Manila. As we were driving towards our destination, our very caring driver (Danny) stopped and allowed us to take a breather. This view instantly woke us up! (Well, the very very cold air also did a little bit, but this is maybe 60% of why I felt more energized.)

Our first stop was the Yehliu Geo Park. This day was the coldest and windiest day among the days that we were there, so because of this, the waves were extra dramatic, and the tides were extra high. I don’t think I could explain just how beautiful the scenery is, so here are the photos:

Our next stop was Jiufen. I didn’t take much photos because I’ve taken previous photos from this place (you can find them here.) I spent my time eating and looking around and taking pictures with weird signs.

That night, we also went to a railroad in Shifen (with actual working trains, mind you.) and released our sky lantern wishes into the sky. It was quite a site to see.

But of course, a day in Taipei wouldn’t be complete without visiting a night market. We were in the Keelung area, so we HAD to eat at one of their night markets. We ate noodles, sausages, taro ice, candied strawberries and more.

On our second day, we had breakfast in Yong Kang St. We weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to eat so we just lined up for random things. We had these Taiwanese savory pancakes for breakfast and had coffee at a nearby cafe.

We then visited Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and took a little break from all the walking. We sat down and took pictures.

We then went to XinYi road, went to the Eslite bookstore and then waited for the sunset to witness the Christmas lights along the streets.

We then went to Ximending to eat shabu-shabu and to shop a little. We also specifically looked for the Grilled Mochi that can be found there.

On our last day, we went to both the HuaShan and SongShan Creative Parks. I know “Creative Park” is such a general term, but both were actually old factories (beer and tobacco respectively), that were turned into spaces that allow people to sell or exhibit their art. In my opinion, the HuaShan one was more lively and more park-like. SongShan however was vast, and very comprehensive. It was more informative.

Photographed below, SongShan Creative Park:

After this, we decided to torture/challenge ourselves and climb the Elephant Mountain Trail. It was probably the steepest stairs that I have ever climbed in my life. The view was amazing though. Although, if you do plan on going, I suggest to go on a weekday or a non-holiday, because it can get a little crowded. There were long queues just for climbing on top of rocks to take a picture of the view. It got a little crazy, at one point, we couldn’t exit the trail because of the crowd.

Our last stop for this trip (huhuhu) was the Shilin Night Market. I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves:

So, that was our trip! Short, but sweet. Thanks, Taipei. It’s been a blast! 🙂



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