Three Years

I’ve been putting of scanning the Polaroids that I have for three years. Since there are going to be a lot of big changes this year, I’ve decided to get on with it.

Some memories were particularly harder to see again, I’ve opted not to post them here just yet.


Me and my first SLR camera! (I named her Penny )


Roselle, Frances and Ate Carla at the Lincoln Memorial

Frances and I in front of Tita Baddette’s house in Alabama

Washington, D.C

Frances, Mom, Ate Carla and Roselle at the Bethesda Fountain, N.Y

Under a tree at Central Park

Mom and I getting our hair dyed!

Boracay, October 2015

At the Bethesda Fountain


First time climbing a mountain!

Location: Mt. Pinatubo

Plane leaving for the States

Last picture at my first job

Me and Abby 

Me and Nine

Michelle and I in Mt. Pinatubo

Karen and I in Iba, Zambales for Trails


Our 21st birthday

Mon & Nina


Gijo, Frances and Roselle on our 21st birthday

21st Birthday!

The Shutterpanda Interns!

Mika’s birthday gig 2015!


Yehliu Geopark


Felice & I on New Year’s Day

Renee & I in HK

Ate Carla, Mich aand Ate Cc at Yehliu

Ate Carla


Ate Cc


(Will put this description soon)


My bedside table

When my blockmates went to our house in Lipa! 🙂

Stargazing with Rowell

Gig at Route 196 with Michelle

Frances, New Year
Plane Spotting with Rowell


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