Trails 2017


Trails: A Photography & Creativity workshop by Shutterpanda

Last week, I spent the weekend over at Baler (straight from the office, in my office attire) for the Trails Workshop. Imagine my excitement, as we have been dreaming, creating, hustling and waiting for this since the year started.

I was very anxious at first, but slowly, I started to get comfortable around the amazing participants who have made the trip even more so significant. ( Shout out to the participants huhuhu u guys are great)

It has been one amazing weekend, with amazing people! I can only hope that these photos capture a bit of the awe I felt over nature, and over the passion that filled our discussions and photo sessions during this trip.

I also want to give my love to the Shutterpanda team, for trusting me and Gio in being hands on and involved in this project! Love you ❤ 

Sunrise at Ampere

The sun didn’t really show itself to us first. When these were taken, we had just been on the road for about 6 hours (from Manila), and this amazing beach view greeted us. Even though the sun wasn’t up, I still found it so peaceful and beautiful.





Portrait Sessions at Borlongan Bridge

I didn’t get to take any portraits here (as it was raining), we only got to stay here for a few minutes before it rained.

Milky Way Photography at Elysian Sands Resort 

I SAW THE MILKY WAY!!!!! AHHHH!!!! Still can’t believe it!!

The weather was gloomy the whole day, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up about taking photos of stars that night. But, amazingly enough, the skies cleared and we found the milky way!

I was examining the skies right after it drizzled and when I looked up, I saw a bright mark where a lot of stars gathered. I thought it was a cloud, but I looked again and it was the milky way huhuhuhu


Sunrise at the Diguisit Rock Formation

The road to Diguisit was a scenic one, but nothing really compared to the view of this sunrise. We all climbed up rock or took our tripods to the shores of the beach, and just captured things to our heart’s content. The light was amazing.


@riaramz, who fell on the water and ended up being one of our models :))




Nightsky Photography at Miss Jones Coast

It was our last night, and before we gathered for our Fellowship Night,

we all took out our cameras and shot the Milky Way for the last time for this trip.




Definitely one for the books 🙂




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