We’ve been to Shanghai before (Maybe about 7-8 years ago?) , but I didn’t remember it the way I saw it now.

Well first off, they now have Disneyland, which of course, we HAD to go to. It’s like entering into a realm of cotton-candy colored buildings and dream castles (leaving behind bland old normal reality behind). It was raining though, but it was 110% still all magic.




Also, we went to Zhouzhuang Water Town, which was so captivating, I had to make a separate post for it. You can go to the post here!

Aside from all the new places that we we went to, we also re-visited places we’ve been to like Xin Tian Di and places in the city proper. I loved the noise, the market, the city, it all felt a little bit familiar. I loved taking photos of local there. They are so genuine and diverse.


We were walking along the Bund, when it rained! We were under a big big building, so we stayed there for a while to let it pass. This gave me the opportunity to observe the people walking with their umbrellas, taking photos, and talking on their phones.




We also went to this place that used to be a Slaughterhouse, but now they developed it to be a place for studios and galleries.




We also went to this market (I forgot what it was called huhu), where I was really excited to take street photos!







I’m pretty sure there’s more than that but I was too busy having fun with my family! ❤



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