Work In Progress (Quick update!)


So, I haven’t been updating this blog for a while. So many things are happening, I haven’t really had time to keep you guys updated.

Okay so quick updates!

My hardrive with all my photos has given up on me, so all I have left are photos that I posted on social media sites. So I couldn’t post because sadly, there was nothing to post. I was really sad about that for a long time, but oh well, onto new pictures. (I came to that conclusion after an ocean of tears and breakdowns huhu). Don’t worry though, my Dad and I are coming up with a better back up system that will make sure I don’t lose anything!

I found a semi-regular job (well, 3 days a week). Actually, it’s been a little over a year. I just don’t think I ever said it here haha. I now work for a cosmetics company as a graphic designer. Who knew? Sometimes, I do get a little overwhelmed, but when that happens, I try to look for a creative outlet to drag me back to sanity haha.

I took on a few freelance clients for commercial photography. I realllly enjoy styling and flatlays and food photos and all that jazz. It’s a challenge but I really like it. You can see some of me work on my instagram @gabbiedoesfreelance


I started doing yoga late november. So, it’s been almost 4 months of yoga for me. Thank you, Yoga With Adriene ❤ It has really helped my mental health. It gives me a sense of control over my body and my habits, which I find is very very VERY empowering.

So a lot of things are happening and I wanted to keep this blog alive, because it’s so easy these days to be drowned with overwhelming emotions, and this blog has kept me from a lot of pain and self doubt, so I wanted to keep that going.

Anyway, I will post again very soon (maybe a few minutes later, who knows?)

With love and positive energy (wow that was cheesy),



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